Boat Regatta

Show off your creative design of a life-size cardboard boat then see how far or long it can float in the second annual 3rd Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta in Morgan, Utah! Cardboard boats of all shapes and sizes compete for speed and design. Can you out-paddle your competing friends and teams with your creation? Whether you wish to enter this competition or just come to the edge of the Weber River to watch, you can’t help but find this event filled with belly-laughs and hundreds of spectators gathered for one of the most enjoyable activities during the Morgan 4th of July Celebration.


  • Captain’s Awards (Bribe your Way to the Top!)
  • Best Costume
  • Best Sink (Most Epic Fail)
  • Best Time
  • People’s Choice
  • Super Sloth (Slowest Time)
  • Fastest Teen Driver (12-17 participants only)

(Each Boat can only win one Award)

The Regatta is just one of the events available during the day. Please enjoy the breakfast, parade, talent show, and kid-friendly activities during the day and a spectacular fireworks display that evening. If you are hungry enjoy a variety of food provided by local food vendors/trucks.

A family event with good food and many other family activities.

Schedule of Event

11:00 am – Boats must be at the fairgrounds to be judged

1:30 pm – Boats will be transported to the loading zone.

2:00 pm – Race Starts (Boats will be released every 2 minutes)

4:00 pm – Regatta Completed

6:30 pm – Regatta Awards announced at Talent Show


1. Boats must be made ONLY of cardboard, duct tape, and standard grade paint (no sealants or waterproofing type paints). Any boats that do not adhere to this requirement will be allowed to race, but not be eligible for the Fastest Boat prize.

2. Plastic or wooden oars may be used for paddling.

3. All participants must wear a secured life jacket and water shoes or tennis shoes (no flip flops).

4. All participants must sign a waiver. Participants must be 12 years or older to ride without an adult. Minors must have a waiver signed by a parent. If there is an adult rider, then other riders may be as young as 10 years old.

5. “Fastest Boat” prize will be given to the boat with the fastest time from the start to the finish line AND that has their boat intact and floating as it crosses the finish line.